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Aluminium acetylacetonate, [(CH3.CO)2CH]3Al

Aluminium acetylacetonate, [(CH3.CO)2CH]3Al, is produced slowly by the action of aluminium hydroxide and rapidly by the action of anhydrous aluminium chloride on acetylacetone. It is best prepared by adding acetylacetone and ammonia to an aqueous solution of aluminium chloride; it separates from its alcoholic solution in white monoclinic (a:b:c = 1.901:1:1.361; β = 81°6') crystals isomorphous with the corresponding ruthenium salt, melts at 194°, and boils at 315°. At 360° the vapour density is 11.24 (air = l), the simple formula given above corresponding to the value 11.18. The molecular weight also corresponds with the simple formula in solution in benzene and carbon disulphate.

Aluminium acetylacetonate separates from chloroform solution with two molecules of chloroform of crystallisation. It is insoluble in water and does not combine with ammonia.

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