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Aluminium Hydrocarbon

Aluminium methyl, Al(CH3)3, freezes at c. 0° and boils at 140°.

Aluminium ethyl, Al(C2H5)3, boils at 194°.

Aluminium propyl boils at 248° to 252°. Aluminium isobutyl and aluminium isoamyl are also known.

At temperatures only slightly higher than their boiling-points, aluminium methyl and aluminium ethyl consist almost exclusively of double molecules Al2(CH3)6 and Al2(C2H5)6. The vapour densities diminish rapidly with rise of temperature, but it is not possible to state definitely to what extent this diminution is to be attributed to the dissociation Al2(Alk.)6 ⇔ 2Al(Alk.)3, since it appears probable that decomposition also commences. In ethylene dibromide solution, aluminium ethyl has a molecular weight in harmony with the double formula.

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