Chemical elements
    Physical properties
    Chemical properties
      Aluminium subfluoride
      Aluminium trifluoride
      Aluminium trichloride
      Aluminium tribromide
      Aluminium iodide
      Aluminium chlorate
      Aluminium perchlorate
      Aluminium bromate
      Aluminium periodate
      Aluminium suboxide
      Aluminium sesqui-oxide
      Aluminium peroxide
      Aluminium hydroxides
      Tricalcium aluminate
      Sodilim aluminate
      Aluminium sesqui-sulphide
      Aluminium selenide
      Aluminium telluride
      Aluminium sulphite
      Aluminium sulphate
      Sodium alum
      Potassium alum
      Ammonium alum
      Hydroxylamine alum
      Silver alum
      Aluminium dithionate
      Aluminium selenite
      Aluminium selenate
      Aluminium chromate
      Aluminium molybdate
      Aluminium silicomolybdate
      Aluminium tungstate
      Aluminium silicotungstate
      Aluminium phosphotungstate
      Aluminium nitride
      Aluminium phosphide
      Aluminium arsenide
      Aluminium nitrate
      Aluminium Phosphates
      Basic aluminium arsenite
      Aluminium carbide
      Aluminium carbonate
      Aluminium thiocyanate
      Aluminium oxalate
      Aluminium alkyls
      Aluminium Hydrocarbon
      Aluminium acetylacetonate
      Aluminium silicide
      Aluminium silicates
      Aluminosilicic acids aluminosilicates
      Aluminium Borides
      Aluminium Boride
      Aluminium Boride
      Aluminium borocarbides
      Aluminium borate
      Aluminium sodium perborate
    PDB 1a6e-1zca
    PDB 2b8w-3i62
    PDB 3kql-5ukd

Aluminium Phosphates

The anhydrous and hydrated ortho-, meta-, and pyro-phosphates of aluminium are insoluble in water. Anhydrous aluminium orthophosphate, AlPO4, formed by heating sodium aluminate and phosphoric acid in a sealed tube at 250°, forms colourless, hexagonal prisms of specific gravity 2.59. The hydrated orthophosphate is obtained as a gelatinous precipitate by mixing sodium phosphate and neutral aluminium sulphate solutions. It is soluble in ammonia, alkali hydroxides, and mineral acids, but insoluble in acetic acid.

When a solution of aluminium phosphate in an acid is precipitated with ammonia, a basic aluminium phosphate is obtained. Several basic aluminium phosphates occur in nature, e.g. the rhombic mineral wavellite, 3Al2O3.2P2O5.12H2O, and turquoise. Turquoise (or calaite) is a basic, hydrated aluminium, copper, and ferrous phosphate. It is triclinic, has a sky-blue to greenish colour, and is used as a gem-stone. It occurs in Persia, Nevada, Arizona, California, and Colorado.

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